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Message par Kittyhawk le Ven 15 Sep - 21:39

Oswald was in the living room alone with his children. How beautiful were they. He couldn't believe how big, yet so tiny they were the first time he saw them. He had missed it all: their birth, the first days... The happy feeling of having a family. Ever since he was shot by Edward, everything was crumbling down. His empire, his relationship. He felt like he was losing everything. Of course, it was exactly what Edward wanted. To take it all after he lost everything himself.

He had rage inside of him, without a doubt. But somehow, even though he tried very hard to, he couldn't hate him. He knew what he had done. He knew it was all his fault. They thought he was being blind for what has been going on between Kitty and Ed while he was busy with the campaing for Mayor. It was only fitting they would end up together once he was out of the picture. Actually, the thought of it could have been nice if he had died in another circumstance and if Kitty was never aware of the truth. But she was. It hurted him so badly... And then, he knew about her past. The trauma she always has been dealing with. Maybe he could never understand, but at least, he would be there to support her through it... And trust her.

A glass of wine in had, his face was lit up by a slight smile as Ophelia pulled her arms up for him to grab her and snuggle. Little Norman was very quiet, staring at the fireplace with amazement.

A small drop of gratitude mixed with sadness rolled down his cheek as he looked in his daughter eyes and said:

''I'm always going to be there for you. You'll never lack of love and no one is ever gonna hurt you. Not while I'm around, just like mother was always there for me. This, I promise.''

He kissed her forehead and looked anxiously at his phone, still waiting on some silly miracle in which Kitrina would call him.

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